Avjet Corporate Headquarters

Jet Aviation offers unsurpassed expertise in Gulfstream charter service. We have also earned the reputation as the leading global authority in Gulfstream aircraft management, as well as refurbishments and completions. Jet Aviation’s large cabin aircraft charter fleet is the envy of the industry. With new model Gulfstreams, as well as Global Express and Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) at the core of our fleet, we provide the most discriminating travelers with a wide range of travel options flying only premium charter aircraft.

Gulfstream owners who turn to Jet Aviation for professional aircraft management services enjoy the best of both worlds: having their aircraft flight ready 24/7/365 without the hassles of staffing their own flight department, while also saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Furthermore, Jet Aviation is able to help Gulfstream owners generate up to a million dollars a year in charter revenue to help offset their operating costs.

Jet Aviation’s worldwide charter operations have earned the highest safety ratings from the two highest standards ARG/US (Platinum) and Wyvern Wingman Alliance an achievement enjoyed only by a small fraction of charter and management providers.

Jet Aviation also operates the world’s first LEED platinum-certified private aircraft hangar at our Los Angeles area jet charter service center. Because we offer the complete range of private aviation services—charter, management and completions management—we are able to provide a broad perspective on all aspects of executive aircraft ownership and operation. With Avjet offices in major cities around the globe, you can rely on our worldwide perspective and influence in the global aircraft marketplace.

To learn more about Jet Aviation and its wide range of private aviation services, please visit: www.avjet.com.